Terms and Conditions

Operational Agreement - 11th of September 2018 


  1. Joining

In signing the Application Form to join Morvern Eco Wheels:

  1. I confirm that the details recorded on my membership application form are and remain true and correct.
  2. I agree to become a Member of Morvern Eco Wheels bound by:

This Operational Agreement (available at www.morvernecowheels.org), including the Code of Conduct and policies set out by Morvern Eco Wheels and Morvern Development Company. This may be amended at any time.

  1. I understand:

Morvern Eco Wheels is a community led and focused organisation run by volunteers and paid staff. It is a part of the Morvern Development Company. All Morvern Eco Wheels electric cars are owned by Morvern Development Company. All members of the car club have equal rights and responsibilities.  


  1. Insurance

All members must provide Morvern Eco Wheels with an image or photocopy of their driving license and a  DVLA check code. Copies of Licenses are kept on file by Morvern Community Development Company as long as they are members. Members must inform Morvern Eco Wheels if they have had any insurance claims, accidents or losses in the last 3 years or any motoring convictions in the last 5 years. Members must inform the Morvern Eco Wheels if this changes at any time, no matter who owned the vehicle concerned. Members must also inform the Morvern Eco Wheels if a driving prosecution is pending at any time. New checks on member’s licences are carried out once a year.


The vehicles of Morvern Eco Wheels are insured for members of Morvern Eco Wheels who at the time of driving:

  1. Hold a valid licence to drive a car in the UK with less than 3 points on your licence or a history of drink driving.
  2. Are 25 years of age or more.
  3. Each member is required to have held their license for at least 12 months before becoming a member.
  4. Are not banned from driving.
  5. Are medically fit to drive - during the duration of the hire, you as the driver must observe all traffic rules in particular in reference to drugs and alcohol limitations as this would hender insurance invalid.
  6. Are driving for social, domestic, pleasure or business purposes, excluding driving for hire.
  7. Are not under any circumstance drink driving during the hire of the vehicle.
  8. Agree to the insurance excess of £250 in case of an accident.


No other person is insured to drive the vehicles of Morvern Eco Wheels and no member shall drive a vehicle without insurance, nor allow any non-member to drive a Morvern Eco Wheels vehicle.


The Morvern Eco Wheels Nissan LEAF electric car is fit with a dash cam and GPS tracker for insurance purposes. Each member agrees to not tamper or turn off this dash cam or tracker at any point.

  1. Usage Fees and Other Charges

Car club memberships - £5 per month

Hourly rate  - £4

Day rate   - £25

The insurance excess is £250.

The usage fees and other charges are subject to change.  Contact MCDC office for any questions.

Other charges that may be due in line with this operational agreement and the tariff for:

  • Damage to cars (another party is found to be liable). See 'Damage' section below.
  • Damage to cars (no other party accepts liability). See 'Damage' section below.
  • Late return for the next user. See 'Return of Cars' section below.
  • Repeated late payment of bills.
  • Early resignation from membership.


  1. Booking

The availability of vehicles may be viewed on the booking system accessed via www.morvernecowheels.org.


Each member has a username and password to allow login to this site. When logged in vehicle bookings may be made. Bookings should adhere to the fair usage policy described later in this document.

A booking can be cancelled any time before the start of the booking, but not after. A booking can be changed at any time.


If a member brings a car back more than an hour early, then they are encouraged to update their booking so other members can see the car is available.


If you want a car, and discover that a car is still there, even though it is well past the start time for when it has been booked out, then you have no right to take that car. Instead, you may contact the person concerned, and ask if they still want it.


Members are expected to always cancel bookings they no longer need. Members will be charged for bookings that are not used according to the number of hours booked, just like for a booking that does get used.


In general, members are encouraged to travel together if they need to go to the same destination on the same day.


  1. Location - Pickup & Drop off  

The Morvern Eco Wheels car club Nissan Leaf is kept at the Lochaline Medical Practice. Please contact Susan Taylor or Lilia Dobrokhodova to arrange pickup and drop off of the keys and electric car from the medical practice.


The keys are to be collected from Susan Taylor or Lilia Dobrokhodova in person at the Lochaline Medical Practice prior to each booking and dropped off at the same location with a member of staff.


Please call: Lilia on 01967 421 783 (during office hours)

Or: Susan Taylor on 07810123096


  1. Recording Usage

Inside each car is a trip sheet: a piece of paper on a board with a pen. A driver must record their usage (date, name and number of miles) on the trip sheet after each journey. The driver is to check the charge in battery, tyres and water for screenwash.


Please note: The hours charged for will be taken from the booking system.

  1. Charging Electric Car

Detailed instructions on how to charge the electric car are available on www.morvernecowheels.org


  1. Return of car

I agree to take responsibility for getting cars back on time – i.e. the time recorded in the booking system. (Please note that even if nobody else had booked when you took the car, someone may have booked while you were away.)


If the car is not returned on time, there will be a 20% charge on your account.


Please drop off the keys at Morvern Medical practice. If not during office hours, please leave the keys in the prescriptions box.

  1. Care of Car

All members agree to taking good care of the cars.


Any damage must be immediately reported to the Morvern Eco Wheels on return of the vehicle.


If a car becomes more dirty than under a typical trip, e.g. because it has been on a holiday trip or used to transport dirty materials, then the member who used it must clean the car themselves, so it is left in clean condition.


If a member finds a car in a very dirty state, then they should report this to the Morvern Eco Wheels or Morvern Community Development Company .


They also have the option to contact the cleaner and ask them to clean it soon, or to clean it themselves and record their direct expenses on the trip sheet, so they will be recompensed.


Please note to help keep the car in a clean state:

  • No things should be put in any of the cars that risk leaving a persistent,    lingering smell or other residues in the interior.
  • No eating or drinking
  • No smoking

  1. Child Seat (coming soon)

For the benefit of members with young children, one child seat is to be kept in the boot of the car. When a member not travelling with a young child needs more space in the back of the Nissan LEAF, they should remove this seat and place it in the doctor’s surgery.  When they return the car, they should fetch the child seat and put it back on the back of the car. The child seat are only for car club use. Please return them after use. Please clean the child seat after use. If the child seat is damaged or found dirty please report this to Morvern Eco Wheels.


  1. Fair Usage Policy

Each member agrees to the following:

  • To drive responsibly
  • To be considerate of other members when booking the electric car
  • To be back in good time so that the car is available for other members to use
  • To being aware of the charging points before embarking on a journey
  • To ensure that the safety features in the car are in working order before embarking for a journey and if not, filling out the form below
  • Reporting any speeding or parking tickets
  • To signing the hire sheet before commencing each journey